Meet the District

District Manager – Siobhan Nishida

Siobhan joins our team as the District Manager/Education Specialist for Clinch Valley SWCD. She has previously worked in a range of positions including landscape architect, wetland environmental consultant, and project manager with a sheep livestock vegetation management company. As the mother of two elementary age children, Siobhan has found a great joy in working with children while helping them explore and answer questions about environmental principles. Siobhan and her husband enjoy teaching their children through the experiences of gardening, hiking, and visiting our National Parks. She believes it is great to visit places far and near, but is very happy to become part of the Southwest Virginia community!

Siobhan is also our acting FOIA Officer and Record Retention Officer.

Conservation Specialist/Equipment Manager – Brandon Blevins

Brandon joins our team as the Conservation Specialist and Equipment Manager for Clinch Valley SWCD. A native to Russell County and Department of Geology graduate from Radford University, he has worked in the private engineering and surveying industry primarily in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia. There, he has been an Environmental Scientist studying everything from geology to wetlands and the “wee-beasties” that live in Virginia’s freshwater streams.  He is proud to call Southwest Virginia home as well as his new office. He looks forward to helping the people and places of this beloved region and being part of the community.

Conservation Specialist (TMDL Focus) – Hunter Wyatt

Hunter joined the Clinch Valley SWCD staff in 2019 to manage and implement a TMDL grant focused on the Copper Creek watershed in Russell County. Before joining the district, Hunter worked as a soil scientist for a private firm in northern Virginia covering 12 counties and 3 different geologic regions. During his studies at Virginia Tech, Hunter studied soils in 7 states From Kansas to South Carolina. Hunter is a native to Southwest Virginia, an avid sportsman, woodsman, and cave explorer. He is excited to be working to protect many of the resources that he values in the heart of Southwest Virginia.

Board of Directors

Clinch Valley SWCD is also served by an elected or appointed board of dedicated farmers and conservationists. If you would like to contact any of them, just give us a call.

Zac Ketron – Chair

Kelly Gilmer – Vice Chair

Jason Bush – Tresurer

Andy Smith – Director

Scott Jessee, VT Coop Ext. Appointee

Mike Altizer – Director Emeritus

Gary Breeding – Associate Director

Bill Worrell – Associate Director, VT Coop Ext. Forestry